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I am Satish Reddy

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Trainer (MCT) & Architect

I am the founder and lead instructor of Dynamics labs, one of the best Microsoft training providers online. I am a Microsoft certified trainer with 12+ years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps. I have trained thousands of students around the globe to help them land on their dream job.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer

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    15000+ students | 4.8 Trainer rating

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    We focus on building high-quality content which helps you to land on your dream job.

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    Our supporting team will help our students to guide them to succeed with their Goals.

Students feedback



Satish has a thorough knowledge of Dynamics 365 CRM and .NET platform. He is quite effective in teaching about them. I learned a lot about CRM as well as gaining knowledge in developing custom .NET code for Dynamics 365 from him. I highly recommend him.



Satish is a fantastic trainer for .NET and Dynamics 365. While his knowledge of the platform is extensive and well-honed, his ability to effectively teach the product is even more impressive. He has a strong sense of real-world needs and requirements for modern Dynamics implementations, and what each trainee needs to know in order to effectively contribute to a Dynamics project.



This is a great course for everyone who wants to get into the technical programming part of Dynamics 365.Easy to understand,100% recommended for beginner.



This is a great course for everyone who wants to get into the technical programming part of Dynamics 365. The instructor explains the important concepts behind plugin & custom workflow, shows you step-by-step on what you need to start, how to approach to write code, test and debug for different scenarios. 100% recommended.

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