Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Training Challenge

Courses in the Challenge:

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps (CDS aka Dataverse) Core.

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Development - Part 1

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Development - Part 2

4. Office 365 (Microsoft 365) Introduction

Projects in the Challenge:

  1. Expense Management System
  2. Northwind Scenarios 

Estimated Time to Complete the Challenge: 

90 days for working professionals & students. 30 days if you have more free time.

Upcoming Batches:

  • Jan 21st, 2021
  • Jan 25th, 2021
  • Jan 28th, 2021

Assignment for this week:

Assignment 1: Course Management System 

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Assignment 2: Course Management System 

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Why Dynamics Labs University?

  • Dedicated Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

  • Premium Slack Support - Remote Desktop Support

  • High-quality training provided by Microsoft Certified Trainer.

  • Reasonable course price.

  • Project: Expense Management System impementation using Dynamics 365

Key Features

  • Learners

    15000+ students | 4.8 Trainer rating

  • Market-Driven Curriculum

    We focus on building high-quality content which helps you to land on your dream job.

  • Community Support

    Our supporting team will help our students to guide them to succeed with their Goals.

Recent Blog Posts

Model-driven App Push Notifications in Dynamics 365

Push notifications are ubiquitous today for engaging users and helping them prioritize essential tasks. Now Microsoft has introduced a new feature, which will help us to send push notifications to model-driven apps using Power Automate. With Microsoft updated Power Apps Notifications connector, we can direct users straight to a specified page like the relevant entity view or form.

Image & text (with CTA)

Microsoft has announced the preview for large images within model-driven apps in the wave 2 2020 features. "Preview for image annotation control" is also a part of this announcement. Using this feature, you can add images to a form with the ability to mark them with any additional information.

Introducing New Certifications for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has announced 2 new certifications for whose who are willing to pursue their career in Dynamics 365. They are: Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engagement Apps (CRM) Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Finance and Operations Apps (ERP)

Portals capacity consumption reporting in Power Apps

Microsoft has now provided the capability to download "portal login" and "page view" reports from the Power Platform admin center, in the form of an excel file. These files allow administrators to view the reports generated within the last 30 days and show details like the number of logins and page views for Power Apps portals across all environments for a tenant.

Troubleshoot Model Driven App Forms in Dynamics 365

Model-driven Power App now has the capability to get information about the concerns you are facing while working with tables, columns, rows by introducing Monitoring tool in your model-driven app. This form will help you understand why a certain issue has occurred on your form.

Manage page permissions from Power Apps portal Studio in Dynamics 365

Microsoft has simplified security management for portals. Now we can manage web page permissions from within the Power Apps portals Studios. Page permission management using portals Studio is quick and more efficient compared to the Portal Management app. You may still need to use the Portal Management app for managing page permissions of legacy areas.

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Microsoft dynamics 365 online training

Microsoft dynamics 365 online training

Microsoft dynamics 365 online training

Microsoft dynamics 365 online training

Microsoft dynamics 365 online training