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For Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps 90 Days Training Challenge

  • May 14th, 2021

  • May 17th, 2021

  • May 21st, 2021

Courses in the Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Training Challenge

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps (CDS aka Dataverse) Core.

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Development - Part 1

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Development - Part 2

4. Office 365 (Microsoft 365) Introduction

Projects in the 90 Days Training Challenge:

1. Expense Management System Implementation Using Microsoft Dynamics 365

2. Northwind Scenarios

3. Course Management

Assignment for this week:

Assignment 1: Course Management System 

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Assignment 2: Course Management System 

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  • Project: Expense Management System impementation using Dynamics 365

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Dynamic 365 Customer Service: Setting up a search provider

This feature will allow us to search for content outside Dynamic 365, such as articles, documents, files, and so on. For example, an organization could have knowledge base-related documents and files stored on a Sharepoint site, or maybe that company may have another organization setup where these knowledge base articles are stored (because the company doesn't want to keep them in two organizations). With this functionality, we can now set up access to those records, files, and articles.
Dynamic 365 Customer Service: Setting up a search provider

Terminology changes in Power Apps portals

In November 2020, Microsoft renamed Common Data Service to Microsoft Dataverse. Some terminology in Microsoft Dataverse has also been updated. For more information go through the blog "Terminology updates in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps". Based on the terminology changes in Dataverse and customer feedback, in March 2021, Microsoft updated some terminology in Power Apps portals. The terminology updates are listed below.
Terminology changes in Power Apps portals

Enhancement in UX for subgrids and form tabs in Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets

With the release of the new wave 1 feature 2021, you can now view how the data is presented in a Dynamics 365 form for phones and tablets. This feature makes it easy for users to view and work on forms.
Improved accessibility for business process flows in mobile- 2021 Wave 1 Feature

Enhancements in merging records and duplicate detection in Dynamics 365- Wave 1 feature 2021

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, duplicate detection helps maintain accurate data by identifying and preventing identical records that are clean and reliable in your CRM system. Duplicates can take place when users create or edit information or while records are imported. A Duplicate detection screen will pop out when you are creating and saving a new record with the same record Name or Email which already exists.
Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environment- More Environments, More Places, and More Capabilities

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