Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Member License - Limitations

You might probably know, there is a Team Member license for Dynamics 365 CE which costs $8 as opposed to full user cost of $115. 

You might wonder how a team member's license is different from a full user license.  

As per Microsoft Licensing Guide, Team Member license is for  

"This license entitles the user to light weight access through designated scenarios built into Team Members experience" 

What you can do with Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Team Member license: 

  1. Dynamics 365 Applications: full read-across 

  2. Access Anywhere: Web App, Mobile App, Tablet App, via Outlook  

  3. Activities: view and edit  

  4. Announcements: view and edit 

  5. Contacts: Team Members user may create, read and update 

  6. Dynamics 365 Mobile Client Application: use (for iPad, Windows) except for Field Service 

  7. Gamification: access as a fan and spectator 

  8. Microsoft Excel: export data and access user reports, charts, and dashboard 

  9. Notes: view and edit 

  10. Voice of Customer Surveys 

  11. Yammer: collaboration (needs Yammer license) 

  12. You can use up to 15 custom entities 

  13. Employee Self Serve: start personal support chat and cases and view knowledge articles (Portal or API access only) 

  14. Apply for Project, report Time & Expense for Projects, update Project Tasks, Update Own Resource Competencies for Project 

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