Configure mobile offline synchronization for the Power Apps and Dynamics 365 mobile app

The wave 2 feature 2020 offline capabilities for model-driven apps for users of Power Apps is now generally available. Dynamics 365 consultants can now use apps offline on their devices. When the internet is connected, the changes are automatically updated to the cloud. It also allows users to use commands such as create, read, update, and delete when offline.


Terminology updates in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Microsoft has updated the terminology of Dynamics 365 for better customer interaction. They are no more called entities, attributes, records, etc. Here is a list which shows the changes in terminology:


What is a Business process flow in Dynamics 365?

A Business process flow in dynamics 365 consists of different stages. Each stage consists of steps. Each step consists of certain fields in which data can be entered.  It is usually present at the top of the record.

There is a button called "Next stage" which helps to go to the next step.


How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM work and what is it used for?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a software used for Customer Relationship Management that helps companies make smarter decisions and produce effectively. Dynamics 365 comes in two versions, Business, and Enterprise, which offer features and use on various levels.

It has the following modules:

  • Sales
  • Service 
  • Marketing


Which is a better profile in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, technical consultant, or functional consultant?

The type of role you choose depends on your interest and programming skills.

If you are someone who loves to code and have the good technical knowledge, then you can choose to be a technical consultant whereas if you lack programming skills, you can choose to be a functional consultant.

What is the role of functional consultants?

Functional consultants are the domain experts who modify Dynamics 365 from UI. They work on creating entities, 


Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant a good career option for someone who doesn't have programming knowledge? 

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a good career for someone who comes from sales and doesn't have programming knowledge. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you to

  • Manage and maintain customer relationships
  • Track sales lead.
  • Pipeline
  • Deliver actionable data.

As you can see, most of the functionalities in Dynamics 365 can be performed by a non-technical person.


What is the workflow in Dynamics 365 CRM?

Dynamics 365 workflows consist of a series of steps to automate your business process. A workflow can either be built-in or you can extend its functionality by writing custom code. Workflow processes can either run in the background or can sometimes require user input.

Workflows usually trigger on certain conditions:

Record is Created:

A workflow can be triggered when a record is created


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? What are its benefits?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of both CRM and an ERP in the cloud. It is software as a service product that connects people, products, and data. It was built by Microsoft for better flexibility and extensibility.

Dynamics 365 was introduced in two editions:

Business Edition for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs or SMBs) which includes the Financials application.

Enterprise Edition for medium to large organizations that includes field service, sales, project service automation, and customer services with Microsoft premier ERP product.


What are the job responsibilities of Dynamics 365 Consultants?

The foremost responsibility of a Dynamics 365 Consultant is to customize and maintain the CRM according to the organization or client requirement.  

When a project is assigned to a Dynamics 365 consultant, they need to figure out two things: 

  • What are the requirements to complete the project? 
  • What is the desired final output? 

Dynamics 365 Consultants are of two types. So according to the roles, their responsibilities also vary.


Microsoft Ignite 2020 updates on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Microsoft Ignite 2020 has announced new capabilities across Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 to help deliver their vision.

These enhancements are announcing to prioritize customers and, there needs, to adapt to new ways to work, overcoming challenges at the workplace. These new features are:

1. Robotic Process Automation with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop that is available for public preview grows with the capability of the robotic process automation of Power Automate.

With this, people with no technical knowledge can easily automate processes without writing a single line of code. It provides complete control and flexibility to programmers and developers in an environment that’s familiar.


Microsoft Teams integration with customer engagement apps in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Teams is a platform used for document sharing, online meetings, and business communications. It can easily access Apps such as Power BI, SharePoint, and now, Dynamics 365 also.

Integrating Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams helps users to work with customer information and share files directly from Microsoft Teams. 

How to enable Microsoft Teams in Dynamics 365?

Step 1:

Go to advanced settings. Click on Administrator --> System Settings --> General tab.


Diagnostic tool to Verify Network Capacity and Throughput

Bandwidth and latency are the two primary components of a network that affect the performance of Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

Bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer across a given path.

Latency is the total round trip time required for a data packet or a signal to travel from one point on a network to another.

One of the main causes of the poor performance of Dynamics 365 and Power Apps is the latency of the network over which the clients connect to the organization. The performance of Dynamics 365 and Power Apps can decrease if the latency is high.


Insert Knowledge Article Templates-Wave 2 feature

Previously inserting knowledge articles into an email could be done only by expanding the email window.  

But this feature provides agents on Unified Interface with an easy way to insert one or more knowledge articles into an email without expanding the email window. 

With this feature:

  • Users will have the ability to create, edit, or delete templates as per their business requirements. 


Three Questions To Ask Before Investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365

There are many features checked when one has to consider a CRM (customer relationship management) system. The features, customizability, scalability, and cost are considered before implementing. All these features are important but some other features are also to be considered.

CRM can benefit any type of business. Implementation properly is very important to reap good results. All the companies do not have the culture for CRM. Though the companies are running in good profit this does not help them to succeed. Three questions have to be answered correctly to decide whether this system is very useful to your company.

First Question – Do you have the right resources?

The first question is whether the company has enough resources. This is a database that can be used by most of the employees in the company. There is a lot of improvement in productivity, sales, and profit. But it needs an initial investment and also some time. Both of these require some resources to be spent on this database. A subscription to the software is needed. The cost of this software would be a part of the investment. This system has to be operated by the employees and has to be grown to make it run smoothly. To run this application some partners, consultants, integrators, developers, and integrators have to be employed. They have to spend some time on this system. Database administrators and users are assigned to operate this system. IT support is required and sometimes the employees have to be trained.




Plugin Registration Tool accepts only one assembly (dll) to upload. If you have third party dependency assemblies like Newtonsoft, you have to combine with some assembly merging tools such as ILMerge.exe.


You can directly use below static class to serialize and de-serialize objects without referencing  Newtonsoft dll.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Member License - Limitations

You might probably know, there is a Team Member license for Dynamics 365 CE which costs $8 as opposed to full user cost of $115. 

You might wonder how a team member license is different from a full user license.  

As per Microsoft Licensing Guide, Team Member


Your essential guide to learning Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

I have been a corporate trainer in most of my career before founding my startup Pascalcase to handle Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects. It was my monthly schedule to visit new companies and train their employees of the emerging technology. Almost everywhere I visited, I met amazing people eagerly looking to learn Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365). One question regularly came up in our discussions “How can I learn Dynamics 365 easily?” 

The best way to learn is to experience it. Don’t you agree? After all, Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Tell me, I forget. Teach me, I remember. Involve me, I learn.’

The question is, how do you involve yourself? Why would anyone hire you knowing you don’t have prior Dynamics 365 experience? It’s a classic Chicken & Egg problem. Please read this article till the end to know how I approached solving the problem.