Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Setting up a search provider

This feature will allow us to search for content outside Dynamics 365, such as articles, documents, files, and so on. For example, an organization could have knowledge base-related documents and files stored on a Sharepoint site, or maybe that company may have another organization setup where these knowledge base articles are stored (because the company doesn't want to keep them in two organizations).  With this functionality, we can now set up access to those records, files, and articles.

 In the dynamic 365 customer service hub, there are three different types of search providers that can be configured:

·      SharePoint Search:

This allows users to search Sharepoint for files and documents. When you select ‘Sharepoint ’ as the search type, you'll be prompted to enter the SharePoint URL and also make sure that SharePoint is enabled for search.


·      Cross-Organization Search:

This option will assist us to search for knowledge base articles in a different organization. The organization must primarily be under the same tenant.


·      Microsoft Search Connector:

This is for organizations that use Microsoft Search to make data searchable for users. You'll be prompted to enter the connection id for the service you want to connect to when you select 'Microsoft Search Connector'. 



Configuration to set up search providers

You need to open the Customer Service Hub app and navigate to the ‘Service Management’ area.

There you will be able to see ‘search providers’ under the ‘Knowledge Base Management’ section, then click the ‘New’ button on the command bar to add a search provider.

The search type option set gives us three choices to choose from, as seen in the image above. If you want to select the cross-organizational search, you'll notice another option set with all of the related organizations listed under the tenant.


Customer Service Agent Experience

When a user opens a case, he will be able to see a dropdown control that allows them to see and select various sources and to select one. The content is loaded into the knowledge article control after a source is selected.

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