Enhancement in UX for subgrids and form tabs in Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets

With the release of the new wave 1 feature 2021, you can now view how the data is presented in a Dynamics 365 form for phones and tablets. This feature makes it easy for users to view and work on forms. 

Create a new record :

Now you can directly create new records by selecting the "more actions" and "create a new record" button as shown below.

Enhancement in UX for subgrids

Multi-line text controls expand in quick view forms: 

Earlier, you had to scroll down the multi-line field to read the entire text but now it is expanded by default.

Enhancement in UX for subgrids

Search this view: 

Using the "Search this view" option you can search the results inline as you type and also you can navigate directly to the required search result.

DyDynamics 365 for phones and tablets

The commands for the sub-grid have been updated as well. You can see the commands on a sub-grid that are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

DDyDynamics 365 for phones and tablets

Site map, Pin and Unpin records: 

By selecting "≡" this icon on the home screen you will be able to access the App selector, entity navigator, pinned records, recent records, other apps and settings.

On the site map, you can view and open the records that you have recently visited and pinned. You can also pin and unpin the records from the recent record screen.

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