Enhancements in merging records and duplicate detection in Dynamics 365- Wave 1 feature 2021

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, duplicate detection helps maintain accurate data by identifying and preventing identical records that are clean and reliable in your CRM system. 

Duplicates can take place when users create or edit information or while records are imported. 

A Duplicate detection screen will pop out when you are creating and saving a new record with the same record Name or Email which already exists. 

Dynamics 365- Wave 1 feature 2021  

With the release of wave 1 release, Microsoft has updated few changes in duplicate detection and merging records. Before this release, it was optional to turn on or off the feature called "Enable improved duplicate detection and merge experience" in the settings, now this feature is turned on by default for every instance. 


Dynamics 365- Wave 1 feature 2021  

As soon as you click on the Merge button, you will notice two options as 

        - Merge records by choosing fields with data

        - View fields with conflicting data 

Dynamics 365- Wave 1 feature 2021  

When you select “Merge records by choosing fields with data”, at the point if both the records have data in the same field, then the primary record will be chosen, and assuming one record doesn't have data in the field, it picks the record which holds data inside it. 

Dynamics 365- Wave 1 feature 2021  

When you select “View fields with conflicting data” you can choose the records which you would like to merge. 


You can select up to two records to merge the data into a single record as shown below. 

When you select the “Merge” button, the” Merge contacts” screen will appear as shown above.

 Dynamics 365- Wave 1 feature 2021  

As you can see here with this new duplicate detection experience you will quickly find and manage records with simpler access to merge the duplicates and retain the records you want. 

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