Microsoft Ignite 2020 updates on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Microsoft Ignite 2020 has announced new capabilities across Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 to help deliver their vision.

These enhancements prioritize customers and, there needs, to adapt to new ways to work, overcoming challenges at the workplace. These new features are:

1. Robotic Process Automation with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop that is available for public preview grows with the capability of the Robotic Process Automation of Power Automate.

With this, people with no technical knowledge can easily automate processes without writing a single line of code. It provides complete control and flexibility to programmers and developers in an environment that’s familiar.

2. Enhancements for Power BI in Teams

Enhancements made to the Power BI app for Teams will make it easier to find data across the organization and easily create visualizations from excel sheets in Teams.

 It creates a centralized place where users can find and analyze data with groups, chat, and meeting experiences.

3. New Power BI Premium per user license

Power BI Premium Per-User will be available in public preview in November and general availability in spring 2021.

Premium Per User is an opportunity to make use of Advanced Analytical and Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities for better decision making. Power BI Premium is suitable for organizations with smaller Power BI deployments that need Premium features.

4. Power Platform low-code platform for GitHub and Azure

Azure API Management connectors for Power Platform 

With Power Apps, developers can now build Power Platform connectors with Azure API Management. Developers can access Power Apps through Teams on a large scale with no stand-alone Power Apps licensing required.

GitHub integration for Power Platform 

GitHub integration with Power Platform allows developers to manage solutions and environments easily using the GitHub connector. With this, developers can perform continuous integration and delivery. 

Power Virtual Agents and Azure Bot Framework.

 Developers will now be able to use Azure development tools like Bot Framework Composer can be directly added to Power Virtual Agents bots. It provides an easy way to extend bot capabilities with custom code and does not require additional Azure hosting, deployment, or billing complexities.

5. Dynamics 365 Native Voice Channel Support

 Dynamics 365 Customer Service will now include first-party voice channel support powered by Azure Communication Service. This will integrate directly with customer service omnichannel capabilities. As soon as you enable voice, it will instantly connect and engage with customers through channels such as live chat, digital messaging, and SMS across your new voice channel. Microsoft offers an end-to-end omnichannel solution backed by the most trusted Cloud. 

6. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management tools help build   resilience and allow Inventory Visibility

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you are helping your organization build an agile, connected, and resilient supply chain to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. This experience delivers seamless scalability during usage spikes to ensure high throughput. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables through virtual entities data with the CDS, which in turn enables services such as inventory visibility to use data in CDS as a source to report.

7. General availability of Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Project operations bring together the deep capabilities we have in our existing Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation application.

Microsoft project for web and deep project accounting capabilities in Dynamics 365 finance into one seamlessly integrated offering. Project Operations allows organizations to connect their Sales, Project Management, and Accounting Teams.

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