Terminology changes in Power Apps portals

In November 2020, Microsoft renamed Common Data Service to Microsoft Dataverse. Some terminology in Microsoft Dataverse has also been updated. For more information go through the blog "Terminology updates in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps".

Based on the terminology changes in Dataverse and customer feedback,  in March 2021, Microsoft updated some terminology in Power Apps portals. The terminology updates are listed below.

Key terminology changes for portals:

The following table lists key terminology changes in portals.


Legacy term

Current term

Entity form

Basic form

Web form

Advanced form

Entity list


Entity permission

Table permission

Entity Name

Table Name

Terminology changes inside Portal Management app:

Terminology updates apply to references of legacy terms. 

For example, if the legacy term is "Enable search on entity list", the term is updated to "Enable search on list" as "entity list" is the legacy term, and "list" is the current term.

The following table includes terminology changes inside the Portal Management app.


Feature area or location of the term

Legacy term

Current term

View name for Entity List

Active Entity Lists

Active Lists

Entity Permission


Access Type

View name for Entity Permission

Active Entity Permissions

Active Table Permissions

View name for Entity Form

Active Entity Forms

Active Basic Forms

View name for Entity Form

Entity Form Advanced Find View

Basic Form Advanced Find View

View name for Web Form

Active Web Forms

Active Advanced Forms

Checkbox for Entity Permission

Enable Entity Permission

Enable Table Permission

Lookup label for Parent Entity Permission

Parent Entity Permission

Parent Table Permission

Tab name for entity reference

Entity Reference

Associated Table Reference

Metadata for Entity Form

Entity Form Metadata

Basic Form Metadata

View name for Entity Form Metadata

Active Entity Form Metadata

Active Basic Form Metadata

Name for option to set entity reference on save

Set Entity Reference On Save

Set Table Reference On Save

Section for Entity Reference Source

Entity Reference Source

Table Reference Source

Type of referenced entity

Reference Entity Source Type

Source Type

Additional setting for Entity or Web form

Target Entity Portal User Lookup Attribute

Portal User Lookup Column

Entity List OData Feed option for set name

Entity Set Name

OData Entity Set Name

Entity List OData Feed option for type name

Entity Type Name

OData Entity Type Name

Option to choose entity form for create

Entity Form for Create

Basic Form for Create

Display name of entity form field

Reference Entity Primary Key Logical Name

Reference Table Primary Key Logical Name

Display name of entity form field

Record Source Entity Logical Name

Record Source Table Logical Name

Label for query string parameter name for On success action of Redirect on entity form

Record ID Query String Parameter Name

Record ID Parameter Name

Terminology changes inside portals Studio:

Terminology updates apply to references of legacy terms. For example, if Portal Studio referred to an "Entity", the term is updated to "Table".

The following table includes terminology changes inside portals Studio.

Feature area or location of the term

Legacy term

Current term

Drop down option for Entity



Search setting checkbox label for Entity Lists

Enable search on entity list

Enable search on list

Checkbox label to enable entity permissions

Enable entity permissions

Enable table permissions

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