What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? What are its benefits?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of both CRM and an ERP in the cloud. It is software as a service product that connects people, products, and data. It was built by Microsoft for better flexibility and extensibility.

Dynamics 365 was introduced in two editions:

Business Edition for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs or SMBs) which includes the Financials application.

Enterprise Edition for medium to large organizations that includes field service, sales, project service automation, and customer services with Microsoft premier ERP product.

Dynamics 365 offers various services such as:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Commerce
  • HR

Benefits of Dynamics 365:

The benefits of using Dynamics 365 are:

  • Easy to use Dynamics 365 gets the customer's attention due to its ease of use. It can be easily customizable and can be used for different business needs.
  • Flexibility Customers using Dynamics 365 has the flexibility to work from any geographical location and at any given time provided there is an internet connection.
  • Data security Microsoft is known for how it secures customer's data. As the Microsoft data center is located at different geographical locations data along with being secure also will be fully compliant.
  • Serverless computing As Microsoft dynamics 365 has a cloud-based infrastructure, there is no need to worry about physical storage and server maintenance.
  • Simplicity Dynamics 365 is known for its simplicity. Any person with basic coding skills can easily learn and use Dynamics 365.
  • Customer Relationships Dynamics 365 enhances customer relationships by integrating sales, marketing, and customer service platform.
  • Scalability Dynamics 365 gives you the ability to scale up and scale down according to your needs. It allows you to pay for only what you need.
  • Productive Dynamics 365 makes the work done by employees productive by ensuring the availability of all the features of CRM and ERP in one place. Employees can get more work done in a short span of time.

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